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AubreyAire Ballooning has proudly partnered with Wylde Acres Event Venue in Longview, Texas. This venue is the ONLY venue in East Texas that offers a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests. While the City of Longview is crowned the Hot Air Ballooning capitol of Texas, onlooker's  hearts' take flight as they dream of such an experience. We offer customized package options for such an opportunity only at Wylde Acres. From weddings, corporate events, family gatherings, photography sessions and parties, you can choose up to 3 balloons to take your special day up to the next level... literally!   

wylde acres event venue longview texas engagement photo shoot wedding
wylde acres event venue longview texas engagement photo shoot wedding

Event Package Options

Book up to 3 Firefly balloons for your event at Wylde Acres. Remember, the only constant when it comes to weather, at any outdoor venue, is change! We have options for that too! Weather pending, each customized ballooning event can vary from 1 hour to 2.5 hours and are weather dependent. Ballooning events are possible 2 hours before sunset and can continue on through nightfall. Set up would commence 30 minutes prior to requested go-time. Experience includes balloon(s), equipment, crewing personnel, maintenance preserves, fuel and insurance.

wylde acres event venue longview texas

Tethered rides

Wylde Acres is spacious enough to boast up to 2 tethered balloons with beautiful views over your event and the lake. Each balloon is capable of hosting rides for up to 80 passengers. 


Engagement Package

The most unforgettable way to make such an important memory! This customized engagement package includes a decoyed "inflation demo" as a "date night" and is completed with a full static display and Champagne toast.



Photo Shoots

Get close and personal with these Firefly's and level up your proposal, bridals, baby bump, family portraits, or for any photo/videography needs. during inflation, you can climb inside and get lost in a world of color. Pose in the basket or set up anywhere you like!

wylde acres event venue longview texas

Weather Option:

3 Basket Twinkle

If the winds are being fussy on your special day, we have 3 beautiful Firefly baskets that can be set up in a safety-approved area of your choice to paint the night sky in a beautiful glow. We can flame throw to the beat of the music and burn for wonderful ambiance and photos at your guests requests. 

wylde acres event venue longview texas

Balloon Glow

Static Display

Complete your ambiance, and add to your photos, videos and overall special occasion with these beautiful FireFly Balloons twinkling in front of the lake at Wylde Acres. 



If you are craving just an extra touch, we can customize you experience with different options such as a romantic picnic set-up, customized cookies, your own professional 

banner, color-coordinated ribbon, fairy lights, or any of your creative needs. 

wylde acres event venue longview texas engagement photo shoot wedding



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